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Class of 2020 Billboard Information


In partnership with Kris Lindahl Real Estate and Blue Ox Media, the Fridley High School Class of 2020 will be honored with two billboards during their graduation week! Beginning on Monday, June 1, be sure to drive by these locations to celebrate our graduating seniors!

Kris Lindahl, a Fridley High School alumnus, generously donated time on one of his billboards to honor the Class of 2020 from June 1-7.

In addition, Blue Ox Ad Media, a Minnesota billboard advertising firm, generously donated time to honor Fridley seniors from June 1-4.

Thank you Fridley School Board members Jake Karnopp and Avonna Starck, who supported and helped organize this recognition and salute to our Seniors! 

Billboard Information:

Time: June 1-7
Location: Located .2 miles West of I-35W in New Brighton, facing both East and West
Donated on behalf of: Kris Lindahl Real Estate, with work from Lead Videographer for Kris Lindahl Real Estate Charlie Siddons

Time: June 1-4
Location: Located on I-694, half a mile East of Top Golf, facing both East and West
Donated on behalf of: Blue Ox Ad Media,with work from Blue Ox Media Director of Business Development, Garrit Hooker