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Fridley Public Schools
Renee Van Gorp speaks to students.

Congratulations to Fridley Moore Lake Area Learning Center (ALC) students who were honored at the school’s annual Celebration of Excellence! The ceremony was held twice to honor both morning and afternoon students at the ALC on February 1. Teachers and staff recognized the award winners during the ceremony and reception afterward.

“I want you to dare to dream big,” challenged Renee Van Gorp, interim principal of alternative services and pre-K, during her address to all ALC students. “It isn't just a mantra that you should mindlessly chant to yourself. It's a way of life. When you can dream something and envision it with all your mind to see, you can accomplish anything.”

Nicole Moussette hands a student a certificate.

Certificates awarded to students ranged from excellence in academic subjects, attendance, personal growth and the esteemed 3D award recognizing desire, determination and discipline. Teachers and staff beamed with pride as they announced each award winner. In total, 20 students were given certificates between the morning and afternoon students. 

“No matter how many setbacks you have, you can still achieve your hopes and dreams,” Van Gorp encouraged. “Today, we celebrate with you for taking steps to accomplish those goals and following your dream. I want you to think big, dream big, believe big, and then I believe the results will be big.”

In addition to the certificates of excellence, six ALC students were celebrated for graduating during the first semester. Congratulations Yusuf Abdulkadir, Dejan Davis, Avery Lawson, Rebecca Matthews, Adrian Hernandez Osorto and Kayden Tamura!

Here is a list of award winners and the teacher or staff member that presented their award:

Excellence in Science, teacher Donna Wood

  • Ivette Sandoval Sanchez and Nati Melka

Excellence in Math, teacher Jennifer Pearson

  • Vonte Barrett and Iyanah Adebisi

Excellence in Social Studies, teacher Greg Miller

  • Makaila Meyer, Mario Ybarra and Gideon Cooper

Excellence in English, teacher Jenny DeMars

  • Laneena Sailor and Maryan Ahmed

Excellence in Work Experience, teacher Jenny DeMars

  • Joi Williams and Trystan Shope

Excellence in Art, Brooke Hoiseth

  • Ka'mareyah Culpepper

Excellence in Attendance, social worker Jean Hanson

  • Kevin Berens and Jeff Ramon Hurtado

Excellence in Personal Growth, social worker Jean Hanson 

  • Jorge Contreras and Amya Morris

Academic Growth (On-A-Roll), TOSA Nicole Moussette

  • Ariah Tamura and DJ Zachar

3D Award (Desire, Determination and Discipline), interim principal Renee Van Gorp

  • Cartez Cook and Jordan Foster
ALC celebration of excellence AM and PM

ALC Celebration of Excellence award winners. Right to left: AM students and PM students.