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Congratulations to Fridley High School graduate Anthony Borom, who won the AA Triple Jump state title on June 9, 2022 at St. Michael-Albertville High School! 

Borom concluded his high school career with a jump of 45.7 feet, and became a two-time state champion, having been a part of Fridley Football’s championship team of 2020. He is also the first Fridley athlete to win top honors in Track and Field since Harun Abda in 2009. 

This was a return to state competition for Borom, who placed second in last year’s meet. Unlike last year, however, his training was limited as he dealt with healing from the football season. 

“I had a toe injury that limited me from bending my my foot, so I couldn't run,” Borom said. “Then I was training and got patellar tendonitis in my leg. So I had to take three months off and, by the time track came, I was out of shape.”   

An incredible testament of Borom’s determination is that he only started competing in the Triple Jump last year, after coach Merina Widmer convinced him to try it. 

Director of Activities Justin Reese, who has been head coach for football and track and field since 2015, cites Borom as a perfect student athlete: high GPA and a silent leader who leads by example.   

“Anthony shows that hard work, resiliency and perseverance really pays off in the end,” Reese said. “He had to really work hard to get to where he’s at.  It was a process.” 

Before this year’s State Meet, Borom was already fielding numerous scholarship offers from colleges including University of St. Thomas, University of Sioux Falls, and Iowa State. He accepted an offer from Minnesota State University – Mankato and is excited to continue his athletic career there. 

Borom encourages Fridley student athletes to work hard to attain their goals. “People said a lot of times ‘you're not going to be able to play football because of your size.’ Don’t worry about your size and how you look, just worry about how you work.” 

Anthony Borom flies to first place at the State Track and Field Meet on June 9, 2022.