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Fridley Public Schools
A student holds a sign that says "I Donated" at the blood drive.

Fridley High School’s chapter of the Minnesota Honor Society, in partnership with the American Red Cross, hosted its biannual blood drive in the school gymnasium on Friday, November 17. Sixty-six FHS students and staff chose to donate blood, with 43 first-time donors. In total, 43 pints of blood were donated, which will make a positive impact on the lives of more than 120 people.

When asked why they decided to give blood, many donors simply said they wanted to help save lives. Bryce Richter, behavior specialist at FHS, expounded on what motivated him to donate.

“I want to give as much blood as I can to people who need it,” he said. “And I want to support these kids and this awesome cause we put on at Fridley High School.”

For more information on other opportunities to donate blood through the American Red Cross, please visit