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Fridley Public Schools

The Fridley Middle School Builders Club sponsored a talent show for fellow middle school students. The club coordinated tryouts, practices and the production of the talent show. Through advisor Blair Berger, the student groups selected brought their talents to the stage of the District Auditorium.  The following students performed: 

  • Grace Bundy – Singing “Baby One More Time”

  • Coley Brown – Singing “Forest Theme”

  • Isis Zitto – Singing and Dancing “Dancing Down Below” 

  • Aaron Berger – Piano "Original Piano Composition"

  • Darion Agnew and Tacari Downing – Singing “My House is Not a Home”

  • Joseph Michael – Singing “One Big Band”

  • Nate Ruiz – Drumset- Superstition

  • Danielle Roberts, Megan Vang and Melody Otchere –  Singing “Love to Hate Me”