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Fridley Public Schools

In what has become a significant annual tradition, the Fridley Lions Club donated $150 giftcards to every Fridley elementary classroom teacher in the school district on September 1, 2021. The Lions Club has a rich history of generously supporting the students and staff of Fridley Public Schools, contributing over $50,000 to Hayes and Stevenson teachers in the past eight years.

Lions members Jo Young, Don Holum, Greg Gardner, Jeff Hood, and Shannon Melham visited both schools to offer their praise and thanks to Fridley teachers, and to personally deliver each giftcard for the purpose of purchasing classroom supplies.

“We want you to know that your work is incredibly important,” Club President Jo Young told teachers. “Great schools make our community strong. We are thrilled to make this contribution and we hope this donation will benefit the students in your classrooms.”

This year, the Lions Club partnered with the Fridley Schools Foundation to purchase Amazon giftcards, which helped the Foundation earn Amazon Smile points. Through Amazon Smile, charitable organizations can benefit from a portion of any purchase. The Fridley Schools Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that contributes to scholarships for graduating seniors, educator innovation grants, and school and district initiatives in the Fridley school district.

The Lions support the district through donations to its athletics and activities programs, and sponsorships of programs and events such as the Fridley High School Scholastic Achievement Scholarship Banquet and the Foundation’s “Get Your Paws Moving” fundraiser.

Hayes Elementary Classroom Teachers

Stevenson Elementary Classroom Teachers