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Fridley Public Schools

Students in Fridley High School’s Minnesota Honor Society made a positive difference in the community this past holiday season through a few different volunteer opportunities. 

Female student sits with a marker in her hand writing out holiday cards at a table.

MHS students met after school before winter break and made holiday cards for Fridley nursing home residents. MHS Advisor Amy Engler said that the students were excited to spread holiday cheer and good fortune to the residents and had a ball doing so!

During winter break, Minnesota Honor Society students volunteered at People Serving People, the largest emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness in Minnesota. The shelter is located in downtown Minneapolis. Students met with the People Serving People volunteer coordinator to learn about homelessness in the Twin Cities and created boxes that are used to serve food in. The students were welcomed to come back any time. Engler noted that many of the students are interested in returning to serve lunch or dinner there in the future.