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Fridley Public Schools
5th grade group of students with parents for African American Parent Involvement Day.

Fifth grade students and parents/guardians at FMS.

Parents and guardians joined their students for lunch on February 12 for National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID). Hayes Elementary, Stevenson Elementary and Fridley Middle School students were thrilled to spend time and eat lunch with their parents/guardians. NAAPID is a national event created by Joe Dulin, an educator and principal from Ann Arbor Public Schools, in 1995 as a call to action to get parents more involved in their students’ education. At Fridley Public Schools we invite all parents to participate in this exciting day.

“Being here shows our kids that we care to be involved.” explained Xavia Riggins, parent to kindergarten student Ximena. “Growing up, my parents didn't really come out for events and things, so I like to show that to my baby.” 

Each school approached the parent involvement day in its own way. Stevenson invited parents/guardians to join their students in the cafeteria during their lunch period, mingling among their student’s classmates. Hayes brought the students and families to a separate classroom and played music while sharing facts about famous Black inventors in honor of Black History Month. Fridley Middle School enjoyed a large turnout with attendees playing bingo in the media center.

Parents/guardians enjoyed checking in with their students during a typical school day. Parents Ahmed Awad and Hager Youssif shared the importance of making their fifth-grade son Mustafa feel comfortable at school, taking care of him and giving him hope so he can succeed in his future.

“I think it's being present in your kids' life, especially when they're in school, since they're there most of the day,” reflected Katherine Laudenbach, parent to Stevenson kindergarten student Alynn. “And I think it's important to know what they're doing at school and make sure that they're getting the best they can out of things.”