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Fridley Public Schools

Congratulations to Fridley Public Schools' 25 Years of Service employees! This year, the district celebrated Chandra Hanke, Sue Hanson, Sheila Johnson, Angela McShane and Dan Terebayza, five veteran teachers and staff, who reached the milestone of serving the district for 25 years.

Chandra Hanke, FHS Teacher, Dean, and Fridley Online Academy Lead

Chandra Hanke has served in the Fridley Public Schools district for a total of 26 years. She has taught German in the World Languages department, worked as a dean of students, and is currently overseeing the high school portion of Fridley Online Academy, the district’s full-time online school.

Her colleagues describe Hanke as a passionate, caring and reflective educator who has the ability to develop strong relationships with students, families and staff. “From mastery of content and instructional strategies as a classroom teacher, to her innovative and forward thinking skills of leading the Fridley Online Academy, Chandra is someone who is all-in at all times for the students at Fridley High School," a colleague noted. "By wearing many hats at Fridley throughout the years, she’s served generations of graduates and their families, and we are lucky to have her on our staff.”  

According to FHS Principal Patty Hand, Hanke is a driven, intelligent, and hardworking educator who loves Fridley deeply and believes in the students she works with.  Thank you, Chandra, for 26 years of teaching excellence!

Sue Hanson, Fridley Activities Administrative Assistant

Sue Hanson has held two different positions during her 25 years in Fridley Public Schools. She spent her first three years serving as a paraeducator in the Special Education Transition program. For the last 22 years, Hanson has been the Activities Administrative Assistant, wearing many hats in the course of a given day. Every year, she serves over 600 participants in athletics, fine arts, and clubs, and provides exceptional support to over 90 athletic and fine arts coaches and club advisors.

"She is the backbone of every high school and middle school after-school event," said Activities Director Dan Roff. "It’s amazing to watch her support our students, parents, and coaches. Her assistance is always filled with patience, kindness and accuracy."

Roff added he truly enjoys working alongside Hanson each and every day. "We are partners in this daily endeavor of serving kids, families, and staff. She is the best teammate I've ever had.”

Thank you, Sue, for 25 years of keeping us all active and involved! 

Sheila Johnson, Hayes Elementary Health Assistant

Within her years of service, Sheila Johnson has served scholars at both Fridley Middle School and Hayes Elementary School. 

She currently works as the Health Assistant at Hayes, where colleagues describe her as "a kind, service-driven, dedicated, and loving care-giver."  In her role, Johnson passionately serves both staff and students through proactive medical care, and provides response to wellness, illness, and injury.

"Sheila is kind in her interactions and works to build lasting relationships," said Hayes Principal Gaeli Iverson. "She brings comfort to those in need and always maintains a high level of professionalism and confidentiality. Her dedication to Fridley Public Schools and, specifically our Hayes learning community, has been absolutely incredible and we are very grateful for her years of service."

Thank you, Sheila, for keeping our students healthy and safe for 25 years! 

Angela McShane, Technology Assistant

Angela McShane serves as a Technology Assistant, addressing technology needs for students and staff at Fridley High School, the District Office, the Area Learning Center and the Fridley Community Center.  Prior to her work with the technology department, McShane was a media clerk at Fridley High School.

"She is highly organized and is a team player who is able to get the job done efficiently and effectively," said Technology Director Yvonne Anderson.

McShane lives in Fridley with her husband and has two sons, both of whom are Fridley graduates. As a longtime community member, she is deeply rooted in her pride of Fridley Public Schools. Thank you, Angela, for 25 years of keeping us connected!

Dan Terebayza, Fridley High School Teacher

Dan Terebayza has taught in the Language and Literature department at both Fridley High School and Fridley Middle School. He currently teaches language and literature at the high school.

He is known as a caring and collaborative individual who is willing to support his students and staff members at any time. According to staff members, Terebayza often goes above and beyond, consistently validating and affirming the interests of students in his classroom. “Dan has very strong relationships with students," a colleague noted. "He is a great educator who wants to see everyone around him work to their highest potential.”  

Another staff member stated, “Dan is generous with his time and spirit; he is incredibly knowledgeable about his content and teaches it effectively, and is always caring and compassionate." The colleague added that Terebayza has an incredible sense of humor that always puts students and staff at ease. 

According to FHS Principal Patty Hand, Terebayza is "a hardworking, fun, and caring teacher who loves Fridley High School and is always driven to support students to work to their full potential.” Thank you, Dan, for teaching and guiding our young people over the past 25 years!