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Fridley Public Schools

Fridley Preschool celebrated its first official graduating class of 4-year-old International Baccalaureate (IB) scholars on June 9, 2021. The school received its IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) authorization in December 2020, and is the first and only preschool program in the State of Minnesota to offer the IB PYP to 3- and 4-year-old young learners. The ceremony honored 113 members of the future Class of 2034, who all sported graduation caps and presented a song and dance for families to enjoy.

Teachers, staff, and families beamed with pride as their Kindergarten-ready graduates received their diplomas.

“All our students brought smiles, laughter and joy to our Preschool, and we are excited for them to continue to grow and thrive as they enter Kindergarten,” said Preschool IB PYP Coordinator Karin Beckstrand. “This school year, not only have students advanced their academic skills, our young learners have grown their social and emotional skills as well. We were thrilled to be the starting point of their educational journeys, and we want to thank all our families for their support.”

Acknowledging a challenging school year, Principal of Alternative Services Dr. Jason Bodey added the Preschool staff members and families navigated the challenges of the pandemic well, all in efforts to benefit the 4-year-old scholars. "It was truly a community effort," said Bodey. "Our staff really rose to the occasion and developed high quality experiences throughout the year, while our families were incredibly supportive outside of our school building to help learning at home. This partnership was so valuable and was the main reason why we found great success this year."

Fridley PYP Preschool curriculum and standards focuses on play and inquiry-based learning with emphasis on social-emotional skills and growth - which successfully prepares all students for their next steps in Kindergarten and beyond.

“The IB PYP curriculum framework sets a great foundation for success, as all our students are now ready to transition to Kindergarten,” said Beckstrand. “Students have been introduced to the IB Learner Profile, student agency and action, and the transdisciplinary skills that they will be immersed in at either Hayes or Stevenson elementary schools.”

Fridley Preschool offered several learning models for parents to select this school year, which included morning or afternoon sessions, and a full-time distance learning option.

Congratulations Fridley Preschool students - the future Class of 2034!