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Fridley Public Schools

The Fridley Schools Foundation awarded more than $20,000 in innovation grants to teachers and staff in the Fridley Public School District this spring. All Fridley Public Schools employees are eligible to apply for an innovation grant. Innovation grants are intended to support creative, thoughtful ideas that benefit the students, staff, and families of Fridley Public Schools. 

The FSF supports the mission of the Fridley Public Schools by enriching educational opportunities throughout the school district and has been doing so since 1999.

Congratulations to these innovative educators!

FHS Engraver - Michelle Miner - $7,344

This grant will purchase a Glowforge Pro Engraver for the technology education department at Fridley High School. With this machine, students will be able to engrave their own projects and create prototypes for the design cycle projects in the Middle Years Programme and graphic arts. 

Children’s Books - Jennifer DeMars - $600

This grant will allow for the purchase of children’s books of various age levels and ethnicities for the Fridley Alternative Learning Center. The books will be used to teach a short course about children’s literature for students at the ALC, sparking their interest in projects related to children’s literature, writing and illustrating.

Raised Garden Beds - Ariel Chang - $1,000

This grant will be used to purchase a set of raised garden beds for the Fridley Community Center. Gardening is the study of life and provides the foundation for students to develop an understanding of birth, growth, maturity and death: the life cycle. Gardening will also allow students to work on social skills and hands-on learning.

Little Free Library - Ariel Chang - $920

This grant will be used to purchase a Little Free Library for the Fridley Community Center. This library will be used as a resource for all families that visit the FCC to promote reading and family literacy. The library will also provide an equitable opportunity for families to access books. 

Morning Play Containers - Hayes Kindergarten - $1,250

This grant will be used to purchase morning work storage containers for the Hayes kindergarten classrooms. Morning hands-on play will allow students to have a soft start to their day and to explore the curriculum through play.

Book Club - Amy Rouzer and Lauren Gilbert - $500

This grant will purchase books for a variety of grade levels that will be used for a book club at Hayes Elementary. This small group reading and discussion opportunity will encourage students to explore the realm of chapter books, prompting their literacy, written and spoken skills. 

Art Department - Brooke Hoiseth - $1,000

This grant will allow for the purchase of art supplies in order for FHS students to explore the world of canvas painting. The art students will start with brainstorming and sketching and then will bring their vision to life on canvas.

Waterworks - FMS 6th Grade team - $600

This grant will allow for the purchase of a classroom waterworks project. Students will be able to explore the water cycle, impact of ocean currents, and weathering and erosion. Students will also be allowed to deepen their understanding of the connectedness of forests, fields and falls related to Minnesota’s industrial landscape.

Sensory Tools - Janete Zimmer - $3,700

This grant will allow for the purchase of various sensory tools for Hayes Elementary, with a focus on self-regulating items. Students will be able to use these tools to release anxiety, stress and tension to self-regulate before re-entering the classroom.

World Language Chinese - Hsiao Hsuan Huang - $200

The grant will be used in the World Languages Department at Fridley High School. Related to the areas of Chinese Opera and Chinese traditional instruments, the department will be able to bring in professional speakers to enrich the cultural experiences for the students. 

Rosetta Stone Language Learning - Cami Herder - $1,500

This grant will be used to purchase the Rosetta Stone Language Learning tool for the Full-Day Preschool team at the FCC. The Rosetta Stone will allow the staff to increase their foundational knowledge of Spanish to build stronger connections with their families and to honor and respect a child’s home language. 

Growing Green Hearts - Kate Talafous - $1,500

This grant will be used to support a partnership with Growing Green Hearts and the seed relay event at Stevenson Elementary School. The seed relay will allow students to participate in the cycle of planting, harvesting and replanting for the school year and beyond.