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Fridley Public Schools
A mother and child pose while playing bingo.

Hayes Elementary celebrated the end of “I Love to Read” month like never B-4 with its first-ever Books and Bingo Night on Thursday, February 29. Students and families packed the school gym to try their luck at winning prize bags and their pick of a new book.

“It was wonderful to see our community embrace this new event,” said Gaeli Iverson, Hayes principal. “Combining bingo with our celebration of literacy month gave our scholars a renewed excitement for reading, which is such a critical component of their learning journey.”

In addition to classic bingo configurations like five-in-a-row and four corners, attendees enjoyed a challenging round in which they had to complete the shape of a giraffe, inspired by the school’s beloved mascot.

One happy parent emailed the school after the event to express how much fun they had seeing the school’s community get together and to thank staff for putting in the time and effort to host these events throughout the school year.

Reflecting on the night, Iverson was appreciative of the support she saw from families and staff. 

“Thank you for making this event fabulous and helping us get books into the hands of our students!” she said.