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Fridley Public Schools

The 13th annual Extended Essay Silver Platter Celebration took place for the 2023 IB Diploma Candidates in the Fridley High School media center on December 21. The extended essay is a formal piece of academic writing that students independently choose and research. This year the students celebrated were Iman Ahmed, Mirkeni Ahmed, Prima Bhakta, Veronique Kolibe-Gnamikou, Annabella Kotas, Amayramy Ruiz Barrios, Hannah Stacy and Nathan Thorp. 

The students are guided by an assigned supervisor who helps them to reflect on their work through a series of meetings. The supervisors were Mandi Burian, Steve Holt, Elizabeth Jensen, Andrea Mulry and Dan Terebayza. Topics of essays range from how social media exploit celebrity minors to maximize profits to how the negative portrayal of immigrants in the media affect audience’s views on immigration.

At this celebration IB diplomas were awarded to seven 2022 Fridley High School graduates, some of whom returned from their postsecondary institutions to participate in the celebration. These students were Karina Daniels-Carlson (Wartburg College), Erin Dean (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), Rykan Farr (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities), Emily Hill (Winona State University), Ellie Hinnenkamp (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities), Greta McCoy (Western Washington University) and Sophia Pehl (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities). Additionally Rykan Farr spoke about how important the IB Program was in helping him adjust to the college setting and how it helped him to become a better problem solver.

Congratulations to these deserving students and graduates!