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Fridley Public Schools
Greg Gardner, Don Holum, Jim Young and David Ostwald

Left to right: Greg Gardner, Don Holum, Jim Young and David Ostwald

The Fridley Lions Club donated gift cards to every Fridley Public Schools elementary classroom teacher on August 30. This is their 10th year of donating gift cards. The gift cards help with the purchase of supplies for each classroom, such as crayons, tissues and arts and crafts materials.

Lion’s Club members presented gift cards in the amount of $200 to the teachers, expressing their appreciation and gratitude for the roles teachers play in the Fridley community. This was the first year that they gave out $200 gift cards. They have been steadily increasing their donations throughout the years.

The Lions Club partnered with the Fridley Schools Foundation to purchase Amazon gift cards. The Fridley Schools Foundation is a nonprofit organization that contributes to scholarships for graduating seniors, educator innovation grants, and school and district initiatives in the Fridley school district.

The Lions support the district in many ways through donations to its athletics and activities programs, and sponsorships of programs and events such as the Fridley High School Scholastic Achievement Scholarship Banquet.

Hayes Elementary Classroom Teachers

Hayes Elementary Classroom Teachers

Stevenson Elementary Classroom Teachers

Hayes Elementary Classroom Teachers