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Fridley Public Schools


Staff members at each Fridley Public School site took some time during their November 8 professional development day for community building. 

Fridley Middle School staff joined the Fridley High School staff in the FHS gymnasium for a morning pepfest. There was friendly rivalry between the two groups as they competed in a variety of Minute to Win It games, tug of war, and had a cheering contest. “We wanted to do something fun with the middle school and high school staff together,” said FHS Principal Patty Hand. “It creates and builds community for Fridley Public Schools.”  

At Stevenson Elementary, teachers were given a choice after lunch to participate, spectate or referee a scooter relay with Minute to Win It stations or have some time in a calm space to read, draw, or go on a walk. Stevenson Principal Veronica Mathison noted that it was “differentiated for individuals and brought in some team spirit and laughter.”

Hayes Elementary continued in the team building through playing a variety of Minute to Win It games.“It was a ton of fun,” said Hayes Principal Gaeli Iverson. “And there were bagels too!”

The Fridley Community Center spent Tuesday expanding upon the common theme of R.A.V.E. (relationships, authenticity, vulnerability, and engagement through play). As a whole school the morning was spent playing some games in the gym. In the afternoon the group gathered again at the historical Riedel Farmhouse, located off of East River Road. The afternoon time focused again on relationships and fun. To close the day, each team member was given a small canvas and were given time to paint and enjoy talking with each other to focus on personal mental health care. Staff members said that "It was a fun and rejuvenating day" and that they were “able to talk with people [they] normally don't get time to share with."

4 photos: two middle school teachers wearing basketball hoops on their heads, an FCC employee riding on a scooter, a group of teachers from Stevenson posing and holding a scooter, and two groups of two people wrapping each other with toilet paper to create a mummy.
A group of 4 photos: Hayes staff playing a game, a high school teacher standing in the bleachers holding his arms up, an FCC staff painting on a canvas, 5 Stevenson staff sitting on scooters in the hallway.