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Fridley Public Schools
Two little girls wear red fireman's hats.

Firefighters and police officers from the City of Fridley Public Safety visited Fridley Preschool students in the Fridley Community Center parking lot for their third annual Public Safety and Preschoolers event on Monday, October 30. Students had the opportunity to tour emergency vehicles, learn about services provided by school resource officers, and test their fire safety knowledge.

The community outreach visit gives first responders a platform to introduce themselves to Fridley scholars at a young age and bolsters the vital partnership between the district and Fridley Public Safety.

“It's important for our younger learners to know and recognize the first responders in their community,” said Nico Wallat, school resource officer. “I hope they enjoyed the visit. I also hope that they understand how cared for they are in this community by the men and women of the Fridley Public Safety department.”