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Flyer Approval

Fridley Public Schools uses Peachjar, a digital flyer management system to disseminate flyers and other information to parents and families. This initiative saves our district paper and reduces copy costs by thousands of dollars.

Fridley Public Schools permits the distribution of announcements and other information to students and families according to School Board Policy 904Only materials that pertain directly to school, school-related activities or child-centered activities will be approved for distribution. The district will not distribute commercial or political advertising. The distribution of flyers is only available to school groups, district groups, our city/county/state partners, approved community organizations, and partners of Fridley Community Education. 
School-approved flyers are sent directly to parents emails and posted on the school's Peachjar website. We invite community partners to create a Peachjar account as the first step in uploading their flyers to be distributed to our schools. After a flyer has been submitted, it will be routed to the Communications and Community Relations Office for approval. Flyers are approved every Wednesday and are posted weekly; parents are notified by email.
School-related groups, such as PTOs, should contact their specific-school office.
Please contact the Communications and Community Relations Office at if you have any questions.
School Board Policy 904: Distribution of Materials on School District Property by Nonschool Persons.


Josh Collins
Director of Communications and Community Relations
(763) 502-5020 

Mary Henry
Communications Specialist
(763) 502-5038

Matt Carlyle
Communications Specialist
(763) 502-5064