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Fridley Public Schools

World's Best Work Force / Strategic Plan


In accordance with Minnesota Statutes 2013, section 120B.11, Fridley Public Schools has adopted a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning that is aligned with creating the world's best workforce (WBWF).

"World's Best Workforce" means striving to do the following:
  • Have all children ready to enter kindergarten.
  • Have all third grade students read at grade level.
  • Close the academic achievement gap among all racial and ethnic groups of students and between students living in poverty and their more privileged peers.
  • Have all students attain college and career readiness.
  • Have all students graduate from high school.
Why is Minnesota focused on this idea?

For Minnesota to be competitive, we must have students who are college and career ready, students who are poised to lead the state's workforce. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • Minnesota's population is aging.
  • Seventy percent (70%) of jobs will require more than a high school diploma by 2018.
  • We don't have qualified candidates to fill many good-paying jobs.
  • The fastest growing segment of our future workforce is students of color, and they currently have the state's lowest graduation rate.
  • Minnesota has one of the worst black-white achievement gaps in the country.
How will we measure progress?

Each district will create their own plan to align curriculum and instruction so that students are college and career ready. The success of each plan will be measured by:

  • Closing the gap by student group
  • MCA scores
  • College entrance exams
  • District reading and math assessments
What do Minnesota school boards need to do?

School boards in each district across the state must establish an advisory committee that will:

  • Involve the community during plan development.
  • Include members that reflect the diversity of the district and its schools
  • Make recommendations to the school board on rigorous academic standards and student achievement goals and measures.
  • District leaders will post an annual report on their progress, hold annual public meetings, and are required to submit a summary report to the Minnesota Department of Education.

(Excerpt from the Minnesota Department of Education "World's Best Workforce" web page)

Please visit the Minnesota Department of Education Website for more information.

Fridley 2017-18 Combined WBWF Summary and Achievement Integration Progress Report

2019-20 Fridley Public Schools World's Best Work Force Plan

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