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Fridley Public Schools

Strategic Plan

Hayes students participate in a strategic planning focus group

Hayes and Stevenson students answered questions like: "What are you excited about for your future?" and "How could your school help you feel more prepared?"

fridley public schools strategic planning: get involved! 

Fridley Public Schools is excited to share the progress of our strategic planning process, which began in 2023.  We've been working with TeamWorks to create a roadmap for continuous improvement in the years to come.

Your Voice Matters

This roadmap outlines our mission, vision, core values, and strategic directions.  We value your input and want to hear your feedback before finalizing the plan for School Board review on May 21, 2024.

Here's How You can Help:

1. Review the Strategic Roadmap: 

2. Provide Your Feedback:  (open until May 15, 11:59 PM)

What to Remember:

  • This is a guide for our future, focusing on what we strive for, not just the current state.
  • Your feedback is crucial in shaping our path forward.

Thank you for your participation!