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secondary learning plan update (grades 7/8, alc, fhs)

The district sent an email communication to all families on January 26, 2021 to announce its return to in-person learning update for grades 7-12 at Fridley Middle School, Fridley High School and Area Learning Center. It has been a few months since rising COVID-19 cases forced many schools across the state to transition to full distance learning. We have missed our students and are looking forward to welcoming them back at school. We are committed to supporting the needs of our students during this transition period as they return to learning in-person at school. Please see the updated Reopening Schools 2020-21 Planning Document for further details.

secondary learning plan update

Beginning on February 1, 2021, Fridley Middle School students in 5th and 6th grade who selected a hybrid learning model will return to school in a hybrid format. Students who selected full distance learning will continue to participate in distance learning.  Students in grades 7 and 8 will remain in distance learning, and Fridley High School and ALC students (all grade levels) will remain in full distance learning. This information was communicated to our families on January 11, 2021. Please see the updated Reopening Schools 2020-21 Planning Document for further details.

The district's goal is to return all its students back to school as soon as guidelines allow us to safely do so. The district continues to evaluate the spread of COVID-19, availability of vaccines, and work closely with local health officials to determine when we can safely bring back our students in grades 7-12 back to learning at school.


Fridley Public Schools is following guidelines in the state’s recently updated Minnesota Safe Learning Plan and will implement a ‘rolling start’ approach to return our youngest students to school. This phased in approach will begin at the start of Semester 2 on February 1, 2021. All preschool and elementary students will remain in full distance learning through the end of January.  This information was communicated to our families via email on January 4, 2021. Please see the updated Reopening Schools 2020-21 Planning Document for further details.

Fridley elementary students to transition to full-time distance learning

Fridley Public Schools' students currently enrolled in a hybrid learning model in the district's preschool and elementary schools will transition to full-time distance learning on November 30. Secondary school students previously participating in hybrid learning have already transitioned to full-time distance learning.

Fridley Public Schools works very closely with the Minnesota Department of Health and its Regional Support Team to monitor and evaluate COVID-19 positivity rates in the county. According to the Minnesota Safe Learning Plan for reopening schools, elementary and secondary school students are to transition to full-time distance learning when positive rates of COVID-19 reach 50+ per 10,000 residents in the school district's county. School districts monitor the 14-day trend of this data. The latest positivity rate in Anoka County has reached 50+ per 10,000 and to comply with the requirements of Minnesota Safe Leaning Plan aimed at keeping students and staff safe, all students at Fridley Public Schools will be learning online beginning November 30.


fridley public schools reopening plan

Fridley Public Schools follows guidelines issued from the Minnesota Department Education (MDE) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to determine how to safely reopen schools. The decision on which models to implement are based on Anoka County data on the spread of COVID-19 virus and:

  • Prioritizing the safety of students and staff.
  • Prioritizing in-person learning, especially for young learners.
  • Consideration of the infectiousness and transmission risk among different ages.
  • Supporting the planning, while permitting flexibility.
  • The prevalence of COVID-19 in our county.

Along with reopening guidelines, MDE is also requiring districts to look at the spread of the virus in the school district’s county of residence and, based on that data, determine the best option of reopening that will maximize safety for students, staff and the community. Click here to read the FPS Reopening Schools 2020-21 Planning Document.

mn Department of Health covid-19 reminders

It is important for all of us to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Minnesota Department of Health recommends the following for all staff, families and community members:

  • Limit your potential exposure to COVID-19 by social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding large crowds.
  • Watch for potential symptoms and stay home when you are sick.
  • Get tested when appropriate and stay home while waiting for test results.

Please note: During the 2020-21 school year, it is critical for all members of our Fridley Schools community to follow MDH and MDE health and safety guidelines. If you are sick or begin to feel sick, please stay home and consider getting tested for COVID-19. In addition, if you or a member in your home has had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please stay out of school for the full 14 days of quarantine. By staying home when you are sick or have been exposed to a positive case, you are helping your community stay in school together. 

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